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Worst Break-Up Story?

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In terms of 'being had' emotionally do you have any stories that rate as the absolute worst? Luckily I've only had one or two that really got me and left me in pretty bad shape and I'll share those if more people start posting their own first. :)

Anyway if you feel comfortable share your stories of 'getting got' by an ex-partner.

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Ann (not verified)

This site can be helpful for anyone dealing with a breakup. My break-up comes after a long term marriage. No children from this union. We both have children from another marriage. We met at a conference. I was approached by man who organized the conference, we chatted briefly, and then he asked for my number. I did not give it to him. At the end of the day, he asked again for the number, and I gave it to him. I agreed to meet for lunch after a month. This was followed by dinner, and the beginning of a wonderful relationship.
My divorce was in progress and he was supportive. I was cautious about starting another relationship during my divorce. Nevertheless, it felt ok, he said he wanted a serious relationship that led to marriage. Our friendship grew, after the divorce we got married, bought a condo and had what I thought was a great life. We continued our education, receiving doctoral degrees, built a home in the suburbs, experienced the children's graduations and the births of our grandchildren. Our jobs required long hours and at times travel from home. We managed this well. Moving the story ahead to 4 years ago on our wedding anniversary , my husband announced he was retiring to his home country for employment. I was happy for his opportunity, concerned about us. Less than 6 months later he was involved in a auto accident that left him close to death. He was flown back to the US for medical care. After over 30 plus surgeries, near death experiences, months of hospitalization, inpatient rehab followed. Y months of home care by myself and outpatient rehab he was able to use a wheelchair, crutches
a cane and then was able to walk with a limp. Owing this he returned to his home country, abandoning our relationship of 20 plus years.

After a few months,

leonhoppus61 (not verified)

I dated a girl name Alyssa Marie Thomas for 2 years and about 5 months. We moved to attend grad school in a new city so I spent every hour of fall 2010 either studying or with her, so I had no friends nearby. I fell in love with her and was even thinking about bringing up the idea of marriage around Christmas 2010. We had had some rocky times because I did study abroad and was entering law school, but basically she didn't trust me and I didn't communicate how much I loved her. Let me be clear I never physically abused her, drank, insulted her... like I wasn't a jerk. She was not my top number 1 top priority all the time, that was it. And it was fine to break up over that, but the way she did it was unacceptable.

One night she kept talking about her friend Karen, but it was really really suspicious how nervous she was and for some reason 2 girls drinking a whole bottle of whiskey in a night seemed like a stretch. So I look at her facebook page from that night "Great night with KC and AC" KC was Karen, AC I quickly figured out was Anthony something. I confront her and she breaks up with me. We exchange our things about 5 days later and she tells me she has already gone on 2 dates with him. So far bad, but not horrible. I call her one day and she tells me not to call unless there is an emergency.

About 2 days later I destroy my knee playing soccer. Tear all 4 main ligaments, other smaller ligaments and tendon, smash nerves, etc. My knee stayed out of the socket. A major risk of this is that you can cut off the circulation and/or sever the vein in your leg which can cause you to die or have your leg amputated. Surgeon comes in and tells me I have about a 40% chance of dying within the next 48 hours. So I call Alyssa because I could be dying, I think that qualifies as an emergency. Goes to voicemail. I text her asking just to talk over the phone since I know no one at school since I spent all my free time with her first semester. No response text at first then she said "Have your mom call me tomorrow." So I was left in the hospital to die alone by my her.

It gets better... A couple of weeks later I am just at rock bottom. On pain medicine (I didn't walk for about 2 or 3 months the injury was so bad). I called her angry and she told me that she was pregnant. The guy she ran off on from me Anthony whatever had knocked her up. So she aborted it.

I can now see her point. Relationship wise it probably was better to not to see one another post break-up so we didn't fall back in. However, when someone is potentially dying in the hospital and has no one there and they request you to call just for an hour to talk it takes a pretty selfish person to refuse. I think most people would (and for that matter should) drive to the hospital to keep someone company until their family arrives.

Long story short, it takes a pretty selfish immature cold hearted person to leave someone in the hospital to die and then to abort their kid. I would stay away.

miami18 (not verified)


Estelita (not verified)

I was dating this guy i met at graduate school for a year and a half, when i finished my master i went back to my homecountry but with the promise to come back to be with him. So, the only way to do it was doing my PhD, which i did not really wanted to do, but it as the only way to come back to the USA (i know! it is stupid, but i did it anyway). So, i went back home for 6 months, the first 4 months were ok, i used to talk to my ex everyday more than 5 times. Over skype he proposed to me, so we wanted to get married. Everything was going well, i got accepted in the PhD program i applied so, i was coming back to the USA around august and i was supposed to live with my ex-boyfriend. By the end of june my mom suddly was horrible, she was everything i had (my father was never around) so, i felt like a big part of my hear died and then...two weeks after she died, he BROKE UP with my through skype, the next day he regreted his decision, 2 days later he broke up with me and then we got back again and so on...until, i decided to come to the USA anyway, because i did not wanted to be at home after my mom's death. So, i came back and lived with him for 2 weeks and it was horrible, we used to fight everyday and he CHARGED me 10$ per night for staying at his place, can you belive that???.

Then, i move out of his place to my new appartment and he kept braking up with me, and coming back and breaking up...i know it is my fault too, but i was vulnerable and he kept doing was pretty one night i was very , depressed, i had no friends to call, so i called him because i wanted to die...and i wanted to take some pills and stop suffering, so i called him....he never came...i almost killed myself, but then i called a friend in my homecountry and she talked to me until the next i wouldn't do anything stupid. The next day i went to the hospital and ask for help...since then i take pills and see 2 different doctors...then, i decided no to talk to him again (it has been more than a year already) does not end there....after that horrible night, i found out he was dating the only friend i thought i had on graduate school, she never told me we have offices in the same floor, and this semester i had classes with, it has been hard. But, i am happier now, and so thankful that he is not in my life anymore :)

Allison (not verified)

And my comment was meant for the person who wrote about having the one year old child with your ex. i mean, i feel for everyone else too but that story was the closest to home for me..

Allison (not verified)

Wow that's sad.. Sorry I know you probably hear that all the time.. But I'm still recovering from a relationship about like this.. The guy and I broke up and got back together a few times.. One breakup lasted about a month.. God I loved the guy to death, but every time we broke up it seemed like he wanted nothing to do with me.. Finally we broke up for good about three months ago.. And my heart still hurts because everyday I hope to wake up and see him laying next to me, spend the day with him, cook for him, watch movies with him, go to bed with him.. Ugh yeah I know how you feel when you say "picking up the pieces s(he) left me in".. This probably will sound weird but if you ever need anyone to talk to when you're feeling really low like I feel pretty much on a daily basis, you can email me. My email is . Have a good day.

Face blurred to protect identity (not verified)

Oh yea... and he did it on Thanksgiving! The last time we had seen eachother was two weeks before. And we had spent Friday - Sunday together. (he lived a couple of hours away from me) It was a blissful weekend. And I was so happy. Last night I saw him online on the website he and I met through. A glutton for punishement I looked at his profile. Turned out he had updated it 3 weeks ago - a week before he came out to see me. F-N Bum! Have never felt so deceived before in my life. I seriously hope he rots in hell.

Gen (not verified)

The guy I had been seeing for 5 months dumped me the other day via text (3 hours) and phone (3 more hours) The inciting incident was me telling him I thought of him as my boyfriend and him telling me he was in fact a FWB. He went on to tell me he never loved me and that he didn't even think about me or miss me between dates. Told me he would never want to meet my family and that he wasn't even his real self around me. He told me what we had was not reality - just a bubble the two of us had created that was a vacation for him. Meanwhile, it was my life I was sharing with him. He spent weekends at my home and in my town and I was totally open and giving to him. And as it turned out, he was just conning me into thinking he adored me so he could keep coming back each week. I've never felt so hurt or used in my life - especially considering the fact that the thing that made me fall for him was his personality, which he came right out and told me was a facade. The worst part is, he told me he isn;t ready for a real relationship (which is what he led me to believe we had) but he would continue seeing me until he was and when he was ready he would move on to someone he could love but it was up to me if I wanted to do this or not. If ever there was a cold hearted and horrible person - it is him. I just wish I could somehow warn everyone in the world about him - he was/is a true Psycho!

sam (not verified)

Damn! That is totally f*cked up dude! How in the world could she dump you for a stranger. I think she knew the guy before you two even got to the party! Did you do anything to make her mad? Women will plan vindictive sh*t to get back at you!

Burned (not verified)

We have been together for 7 months. She wanted a sapphire ring for her birthday so I surprised her with one a few eeeks early and she glowed with excitement and showed everyone. She said she would do anything in the world for me and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, The next day, we went to her mother's birthday party. there were a total of 8 people there, we said i love you's out loud and were having a great time. Three hours later, she handed the ring back to me and said she could not see me any more. She finally explained she was into the guy who lived there that she met three hours prior. She dumped me for a stranger in front of her parents then took the guy home overnight to make the breakup "official."

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