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Trying To Help

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Joined: 12/02/2007

I think everyone knows this rule already but just for the sake of including it as a scamA confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; , I would mention it here.

Some old folks are still new with using ATM cards and there are some crooked persons are taking advantage of this. When they see someone who seems to have no knowledge on withdrawing money from the ATM, they will offer help and ask for the PIN of the ATM card. Of course, the owner of the card will give the number in which the crooked person will have the access to all the money in the ATM card. I just hope this kind of scam is already been a history.

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Joined: 12/02/2007

(along the same lines) I personally warned an elderly person who was having trouble with a creditMoney loaned or the ability of an individual or company to borrow money. card at the gas pumps, I offered to help, and they handed over their card! Now I know these numbers are long, but these crooks have ways to remember them I cautioned these people about that and not showing the code on the back...worried me terrible about these folks!

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