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Joined: 01/18/2008 is an internet greeting card business offering retail, wholesale and distributor packages. The system allows the user to create greeting/business cards from their computer. When created and sent, the SendOutCards company facility prints, stuffs, stamps and mails the real greeting card to the intended recipient.

Distributors earn $% of cards sold from enrolled customers use of the system. A retail package greeting card costs the customer .98 cents plus postage. A wholesale customer enjoys a .62 cents per card price plus postage.

Distributors also earn coaching pay to train new distributors they enroll. A distributor must become familiar with the SendOutCards system and agree to provide all training necessary to new distributors and provide system training to new retail and wholesale customers.

Distributors also earn residual commissions on all distributors enrolled and trained in their organization.

What do you guys think?

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Hi, I saw the post about your Mother. I can provide your Mother with details on the compensation plan and even give you some detailed info on what she would have to do to generate $500 - $1000.
She can call me direct, if she would like.

You can now get our Complete SendOutCards Software System for FREE!

We have removed the upfront fees/barriers to become a retail customer with SendOutCards (SOC). You can receive our Entire Card & Gift Sending System for FREE, including our premium photo editing tool, Contact Manager and Reminder System, and gift sending option, just by purchasing 10 cards per month for $9.80 through our new subscription program.

Here are the new ways to get started... Http://

OR ... you can purchase greeting cards on a "Pay as You Go" basis, which allows you to start purchasing at only 10 cards. This is the best way to eliminate trips to the card store with time saving, cost effective way to keep in touch with those who matter most to you! Like your Family, Friends & Business Associates! We've also recently added "Video Card Technology" which allows you to add videos IN your greeting card, allowing you to create a more unique and personal experience for your recipient. (Image

I'd be happy to help you get started or answer any questions you may have about the ways to use our Greeting Card software. As always, you are invited to visit my website and send a few cards for FREE to experience the feeling of sending a card to someone who needs to hear from you right now. I will even pay the postage.
Send me your number and a good time to call or call me at 919-460-7576 and I will get your account set up and show you how to use the software.

Send a FREE Card and check us out...

Retail Growth of 1400%+:
Because of this Announcement, we are in need of RESELLERS (ENTREPRENEURS). Since the Announcement, traffic to our websites was two times the volume as the busiest day in December. Since January of this year (2011) our customer base is growing 1450% faster since the new retail changes! If you are interested in the details, please email or call me.

Looking forward to speaking with you.

Cas Nowak

Face blurred to protect identity (not verified)

My mother got a box of "something" from in the mail. She is so excited because she thinks she can make a lot of money working from home with SendOutCards. Do you all have details on how this program works. It reads well on their site, but how legit is the money promised. My mom seems to think she can make $500-$1000 weekly part-time with this box of stuff.

S Chat (not verified)

I'll try and keep this organized and useful.
1. I have a degree in business marketing and management
2. I have worked corporate and owned two of my own successful businesses over the last 30 years.
3. I know business.
4. I was introduced to SendOutCards and it seemed legit, but I dont trust anyone.
5. I flew out to Utah to investigate, saw the facilities, met with top people in the company. (Two of the top earners, (Eagles) live in my area and I became friends with them, so I had
some priveliges most folks might not).
6. Found out SOC is legit.
7. I joined, I make money.
8. Checks are paid out weekly and monthly, on time, just as they said they would.
Support from the main office in Utah is excellent.
9. The system is easy to use, the cards are great, you can even create them with your own pictures, your own handwriting, and attach gifts. "Selling" cards is NOT what we do.
10. The cards are anywhere in the USA in 3 days, as primised.
11. Mr. Cody Bateman, the owner of the company donates loads of cash every year and does volunteer work in inner cities himself - he really gives a damn about people.
12. I am a business professional, it is not a scamA confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; , Ponzi scheme or Pyramid SchemeA pyramid scheme is an illegal multilevel marketing program in which people pay an entrance fee for the opportunity to recruit others to do the same.. I doubt most people even really know what those last two terms mean.
13. They have been written up in Inc. business magazine as one of the best and fastest growing businesses in America.
14. Success From Home Magazine has said several similar things, two years in a row
15. Both these publications are available on newsstands, and are not owned by the company. SOC deserves to get these accolades. They've earned it.


1. Most people fail at network marketing even with the best and most legit of companies because they do not do what they are taught to do.
2. Most people quit within a few weeks/months when they are not instantly rich and sitting on the Riveria.
3. Network Marketing, no matter what company you're in, is hard work that you must keep at and be dilligent.
4. Unless you are a seasoned network marketer, you will need to invest in further education on how this business model works, again no matter what the company. How many people
are successful at ANYTHING without listening, learning, doing, failing, getting up with scraped knees and PERSEVERING!
5. People are lazy and want everything handed to them on a silver platter.


1. I got to know the system. I have been in other NM businesses. This one is easy and the comp plan is excellent. Dump the ones that arent good, get a new one.
2. I learned as much as I could, from the excellent website they provide, with a great back office with every tutorial you could imagine.
3. I learned from others, in my company and from other companies.
4. BIGGEST MISTAKE: Most people view this as a job. IT IS NOT. When you get into NM you have partnered with a company, and in essenced you have bought a product, an
advertising division, a manufacturing plant, a payroll department, tutors and the list goes on. You have gotten off cheap, cheap, cheap!!! YOU OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS, and are
partnered with your company.

If you bought say a MacDonalds franchise for a quarter million, would you throw in the towel the first time something went wrong, would you just give up and quit? No, of course not.
You wold have invested heavily to get started, you would PERSEVERE!

Sign under an upline that cares that you suceed and will help you get started. I help my downline understand things and get started. Do it for them, no way. Help them to succeed,
absolutely. Their success is my success! In the process, I am making wonderful friends, even at a distance, and making a difference in a screwed up world.

This weekend I am going to a Dani Johnson event in PA. She is world renoun for teaching how to be successful in small business and NM. It is an investment in MY business. I will do what it takes to be successful, period. I OWN MY BUSINESS., and I take myself AND my business serious.


5. If you are with a good company, you cannot fail, you can only quit. iF YOU FAIL, its YOUR FAULT TOTALLY, not the company, no matter what you want to label it
Its not the companies fault, its YOURS, quitting when the going got rough.


I have spent the last two years finding the best teachers out there, and the best online assistance to my business, and I am going to share a few of them with you. Use them or don't, it doesn't matter to me. Network marketing is after all is said and done, about helping others. So here you go.

Good luck and God bless,
Sharon - excellent world renoun teacher (my favorite right now) Im going to be at her seminar this weekend in PA, LEARNING HOW TO GROW MY BUSINESS EVEN MORE, and improve my life even more. What are YOU doing this weekend? More TV, couch sitting, shopping for stuff you dont need, drinking more beer, wine and eating more food you dont need? WHAT?? - excellent teacher Like Dani, also a teacher to the Alpha Networkers (and those like me that see no other way than to become one)! This page allows you to sign up to get the free video series showing you how to build your business on a budget. I used this, its good info and free. This page allows you to sign up to get the free 7 Day Video Boot Camp. You will immediately be sent to the sales page to purchase the Book, if you want it (and its worth it, I have it) and the first video is emailed to you immediately. You will get one video emailed each day for 7 days. This free video interview series with recruiting expert Mark Wieser is on the techniques on how to talk to prospects and how Mark personally sponsors more than 250 a year and how you can too. See the Copywriters Guild sales letter - do you know how to write good copy to generate leads! Well then go here!

Face blurred to protect identity (not verified)

I heard sendoutcards is legit. I am always too lazy to try stuff to make extra money.

Gilbert (not verified)

What if you simply started by sending a card to someone you know? Do you think the person you sent the card to cares whether you make a commission on it or not? Probably not, especially when they're not paying for the card. Imagine you sent a card to someone that had a picture of you with them and you added some special words from your heart and that after you click send, the card is printed and shipped and arrives five days later. If that person was to call you up and tell you that the card is a "keeper" and they really appreciated you sending that card, wouldn't that be better than wondering if you'll make money several levels deep? Just start sending cards. Each greeting card costs about a buck to a buck and fifty cents with postage. You won't find that at your local card display - at the quality of Send Out Cards. Go to and send a card yourself. Then let me know what you think.

Gilbert (not verified)

I’ve been involved with Send Out Cards for five years and have sent out almost 1500 cards to friends, relatives and business associates for only about $1.33 each. I’ve even sent gift cards and delicious brownies and caramel candies and cookies with the cards. I’ve sent them to movie stars and sports stars, current and past U.S. Presidents and the First Lady of each for Mother’s Day. There’s no other service online to my knowledge that gives people a way to upload their own photos, type their own special message on the computer and someone else prints, stuffs and mails a high quality post card, two-panel or three-panel greeting card for less than two bucks to arrive by mail anywhere in the world a few days later. If the writer was looking for something more, he’ll never find what he’s looking for until he realizes the product Send Out Cards is offering is make people feel welcome and wanted. Go to my site, and send a card at my expense. If you don’t want to sign up, simply choose to purchase cards from my site. I’ll welcome your business.

Daniel Rogers (not verified)

Definitely legit and then some. They are a real bricks and mortar greeting card company with an MLMMultilevel Marketing is selling products by using independent distributors and allowing these distributors to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting, motivating, supplying, and training others to sell products. The distributors' compensation includes their own sales and a percentage of the sales of their sales group (downline). component. I was really skeptical at first. But after researching the company and not finding anything negative about them on the internet, I signed up for SendOutcards almost 4 years ago to use for my business. This has netted an average 34% growth in my referrals. I signed on at the distributor level which actually pays me back for cards I send. Because I signed as a distributor, people who have received my cards have seen the web URL on the back and have signed up. I'm not pursuing the home business MLM component but just through general use of the cards I am now getting anywhere from $80 - $220 a month checks sent to me. It's actually paid for all the cards I send and provides me with some extra pocket money. If you actually use the system, you can't help but make money either for your current business or using SOC as a home based business.

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