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Security Deposit and Inspections forms

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I wanted to let you all know if you are moving into a rental property you should always request a move in inspection form. This will help you to be able to list all items in the unit that are a problem or are dirty. I would do this because getting your deposit back can be tricky and some landlords will charge you for damage already in the unit, and then take your deposit.

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Another note that I know works in the states, not sure for other places, is that when you move out and you want your security dep. back, if not granted (for any good reason in writing) depending the state, you can sue for what was not given back, and if the landlord does not write a letter within 30 days as to why your not alloted it back, you can sue for double the amount.

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Yes we should do contract with proper documents in this.We should do it in a paper with the sign of both,the person staying on rent and the one who is giving.

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I agree, I have been doing this for years to make sure that I do not get ripped off by bad landlords. I too have experienced what they do and how they try to get away with it. You have to know the rules and the laws and make sure they do not get away with breaking the the law.

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