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Quail Ridge Apartments in Raleigh, NC

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I closed on my house while I still had 2 months left on my lease with Quail Ridge Apartments in Raleigh, NC. I decided to bite the bullet and pay rent and my mortgage since I closed a month earlier than expected.

I turned in my next to last month's rent along with a letter stating I would not be renewing my lease to the apartment complex office drop box. A few days later, my check cleared at the bank and I thought all was well. I cleaned out the apartment and left a few cleaning supplies and my vacuum in the living room. I came back every other day to check on the apartment (good thing I did! More on this later) and kept noticing the windows were raised and the thermostat was set down to 50, the lowest setting. AC in the middle of a NC summer will NEVER cool to 50 degrees so the AC will basically run continuously.

A few months after I moved into my house I get a letter from a collection agency. The agency claims to be collecting a debt for Quail Ridge Apartments because of an unpaid electric bill and I abandoned the property!

First, the electric bill was only $60 or $70 but could have been a lot worse had I not been going back to the property every other day. These crooks were the ones entering the apartment, raising the windows, and setting the thermostat at 50 degrees! If I had not been going back every other day, that electric bill could have been astronomical! This was my first apartment and my first house. I had no idea I was supposed to keep the electric on at the apartment. The electric company offered to 'transfer' my service. I did not know I should have said no to the transfer and open a totally separate account for my house. That was my fault and I did owe them money for their dishonest electric bill.

Next, I tried to talk to the complex manager but she was as stubborn as a mule. I asked her how in the world could the complex cash my check, but not read my letter that was with the check? I showed her another copy of the letter but she refused to remove the charge for another month's rent. She then told me I was abnormal since I didn't come back to check on the letter. I explained I didn't come back to check on the letter because she had cashed my check that was attached to the letter. She became irate and was totally irrational at this point. I had to leave the premises knowing I had gotten Got!

The icing on the cake is the incompetent collection agency in Georgia put the negative information on my creditMoney loaned or the ability of an individual or company to borrow money. report before the matter was resolved! I sent them all the necessary paperwork to show the dispute was invalid but they put the strike on my credit report anyways.

Dealing with two incompetent parties was just too much for me to handle so I called my local TV investigative reporter to get Quail Ridge Apartment personnel to talk. The apartment complex refused to talk. So I am stuck with a strike on my credit report, a stolen security deposit, and I had to pay an extra month's rent.

I got Got! by Quail Ridge Apartments!

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Tons of places are getting sued in small claims court for this type of thing all the time. I was shocked to read in a local paper how many in my area were doing the same.

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Highway robbery. For a long time I have suspected these companies train/encourage their property managers to come up with reasons not to return security deposits. Heck, in this case, they kept the deposit and took an extra month's rent. What was their beef with you to make them do these sly acts? Were you a bad tenant? Or did you complain about a lot of broken items? Maybe there was something you did to tick them off so they had it out for you when you tried to move out. It doesn't justify them doing what they did, but at least we will know why they did this silly crap.

Their quality of tenants will fall because of stuff like this. I bet if you go back by there and look at the tenants they have now, I bet it is a lot worse than when you lived there.

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That is really sad but there is no way I would have not tried every tooth and nail to fight back. As soon as I saw the mark on the creditMoney loaned or the ability of an individual or company to borrow money. I would have been disputing it and calling a lawyer. Some places love to do freebie work for this type of thing.

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This apartment complex has turned into Little Mexico! All the American tenants who were here when I moved in are gone. Why didn't I see the takeover coming like they did? Now I am so used to paying close to $600 a month in rent that I can't find another apartment this size in this price range!

I totally have to leave Quail Ridge as the new tenants are loud and rude! I can barely get my car in and out of the parking lot due to all the tenants working on their broke down vehicles every day. And they look at me like I am wrong for trying to get in and out!

I didn't think I was a racist, but damn, all these rude ass Mexicans are driving me crazy. Their kids scratch my car, throw rocks that hit my windows, play until 2 and 3 in the morning, and are just plain inconsiderate!

Management is great as long as you don't have any issues. If you are looking for them to do something for you ... what a f*cking joke! Totally incompetent and unwilling to help with anything that could benefit you.

Stay away from this hell hole!

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I would file a complete legal action against them and the collection agency. Did you write in the notes of the check that it was for the last months rent? I would have, if you did then you they accepted that as final payment on the apartment and are generally required within 30 days to refund your deposit or give you a breakdown of charges, if they entered the apartment after you paid and opened windows I would list that as part of your legal action. I would not just let this go, if you have paid this money they should have corrected your creditMoney loaned or the ability of an individual or company to borrow money. report. If not dispute it and provide your documentation and it can be removed.

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Are they legally able to do that? Was this covered at all in anyway in your lease?

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Are they legally able to do that? Was this covered at all in anyway in your lease?

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I hate it when thing like this happens . How can they do it ? I think its time for you to call the police . Let us know what happens

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