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Never Pay a Security Deposit for a place without seeing it first

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Too many time there are people looking to relocate and will find a place online and decide to take it. They are required to place a security deposit to hold the place for them and pay it online through paypal or send payments. Then after they have signed the lease and get the keys they see the unit for the first time and it is nothing like the picture showed it to be.

They then try to cancel the lease and get their deposit back to find out that legally when they signed the lease and accepted the keys they accepted the unit the way it was. Now they can request that certain things be done if their lease states that they can. But many of these people do not read what they have signed and find that some of the repairs that need to be made are now their responisbilty.

These are scams by unscrupulous landlords that need do not care about their tenants and they want you to remodel their rentals for them. Be careful of these scams. Never accepted or sign a lease without first seeing the unit.

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That is a very smart move, there should never be a reason why they will not let you see an apartment before you pay a deposit. But sometimes people find places online and the owner wants them to put a deposit on it in order to hold the unit. You need to be careful when they send you pictures because they might be older pictures and so on.

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Thanks for the information, I have never had to relocate but I am going to college in two years so this is good to know. When I start looking for an apartment I'm going to demand to see the apartment first, if they say no, well then they lost a customer.

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