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Lan Logics of Florida Will Not Pay

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My company did work for Lan Logics over 60 days ago and they will not pay for the service. They are a service company for many big companies. Our technicians have completed a number of jobs for Lan Logics and the keep calling giving us more jobs. However, they have not paid us any money yet! Has anyone else had to deal with this company? Are they paying you?

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I am the same I Have a Invoice from Janary 2012 not paid on. they keep calling me to do a call. HA

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Lanlogics owed me over $2000 dollars and did not return any of my calls for 6 months. I FINALLY got them to pay by calling their client Fedex (in Pittsburg not memphis). I spoke with a guy named Raymond hall and told him lanlogics wasnt payingh me. He must have put pressure on them because i got a check the next week. 412 269-1000 is number i called. good luck everybody! These guys need to be put out of business for thinking they can push around the little guy.

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In response to this post U.A.C.G. & Associates has collected from Lan Logics because they were placed with our firm. Most of the balances that are owed are small claims issues which would cost at least $200-$300 to sue and even then you get a little piece of paper telling you what you already know that Lan Logics Owes you money. If anybody wants references please contact me at 772-539-5217

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spoke to an investigator over at FBI Philadelphia, PA; he instructed me to file complaint at website, its a small claims matter so that would be a great start. For those who have complaints, please submit to this website so we can hold Lan Logics accountable.

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thank-you, I will be giving them a call. Businesses like this;;; needs to be shut down

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We also completed 2 jobs for them--total over $600.00. We have been trying to call and collect from them since august of last year! We emailed to Richard Leventhal as well and spoke to an Edward numerous times. They never answer their calls unless the "Service" option is selected. We also was referred to Roseanne in Accountg.... I dont' think there is such a person... basically getting the run around . I cannot believe a company can get away with this.... it sounds like they have been doing this for some time. I am also surprised that they have big accounts...FedEx ... I wonder if I can just complain w/ Fedex. We all need to do a class suit.!

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Contact Us
U.A.C.G. & Associates

Ph: 877-827-2788
Fax: 877-824-0096

PO Box 397
Vero Beach, FL 32961

A Debt Recovery Firm

Probly in bed with lan logics. lan logics crates the debt, They "col
lect", and cut lan lanlogics there piece.

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New Address:

Lan Logics
8401 Lake Worth Road
Suite 226
Lake Worth, FL 33467

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Corporate collection agencies have gotten a lot further than I have with collecting money from Lan Logics. I gave up calling these guys week after week for them to keep giving me the run around. They are truly crooks and they know it. I swear I could hear them laughing on the phone when I asked them questions. I recommend getting a collection agency or taking them to court. No way they will ever send you the money owed otherwise. I'm surprised Fedex uses them as their printer maintenance company.

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To everybody that is owed money from Lan Logics please contact me. They are paying and i can provide references to anybody that wants them. We are a commission based collection firm and i have collected four accounts placed with us from businesses on this blog. Kyle Jividen 772-539-5217 please feel free to contact me if you want your money that's owed

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