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Fraudulent Bank Security Officer

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As a follow-up to two other scams, "Medicare Discount Drug Cards" and "Recovered Assets," the fraud artists call back, claim to be with the consumers’ bank, and mention fraudulent charges made against the consumers’ bank accounts during the earlier scams (which they or their associates perpetrated). After discussing the fraudulent charges for a few minutes, the fraud artists
request the consumers’ bank account numbers in order to return the improperly debited funds. They tape record the consumers’ recitations of these numbers. Rather than crediting the consumers’ accounts, they use the recordings for authorizations to make electronic debits to the consumers’ bank accounts yet again. Debits are usually in the $200 to $400 range.

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Tips to avoid getting scammed:

- Do not make immediate decisions about money.
- Do not provide personal information over the phone.
- Do not pay up-front fees for such services as foreclosureA legal process by which the lender seizes property of a homeowner, usually due to the homeowner not making timely payments on the mortgage. assistance.

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