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CitiMortgage and Weird Practice

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I had a mortgage with CitiMortage and sadly I fell behind on the monthly payments. Citi calls over and over and over and over to demand payment and I admit I can not pay the full amount to bring the mortgage current. So they agree to work out a plan where I can pay a slightly higher monthly payment over a number of months to bring the payments current instead of paying the entire lump sum right now. The catch ... I have to wait on them to send new payment coupons. They told me not to send ANY payments unless I send them with the new modified coupons.

Great I think and I sit back and wait on the new modified payment coupons they promised to send as a result of the agreement. Well, the due date comes and goes and no modified coupons. So I send a regular payment plus more thinking any payment is better than no payment at all. CitiMortgage sends my check back and begins foreclosureA legal process by which the lender seizes property of a homeowner, usually due to the homeowner not making timely payments on the mortgage. on my home!!! How does that work?

If you have a mortgage or any other type of loan with Citi, be careful! This is one big company with some very sly tactics.

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uggs on sale (not verified)

I thought CitiMortgage would have cleaned this mess up with the housing crisis ... NOPE! They are still doing this craziness til this day! Avoid them if you can!

spacebeagle (not verified)

For those folks who are current or not technically late, like after the 15th, allow me to make a suggestion. Ignore the aholes when they call, or pick up and waste their time the way they waste yours. By this I mean, do NOT tell them 'when you're going to be able to make that payment'. They damn well know- next payday, just like the last five years, unless my damn car breaks down or whatever, then later or I dont even know. The point is, their phone harassment scheme (they even texted me yesterday! So personal!) makes them money, and that's why they try desperately to get you to agree to make that payment on X day. The company has figured out that people assume they have to respond to this insidious harassment and give higher priority to Citi than groceries or gas or medication. This is the thanks US citizens get for bailing out this unethical monster with 25 billion in borrowed dollars that will probably cost us 500 billion after interest.
Again, think about why they harass us - the sooner they get their money, the more money the company earns. Don't buy into their harassment paradigm. F them. Know your details and rights, but don't pay them before you have to, and be amazed at the fact that there isn't a damn thing they can do about it, as long as you pay before that late fee attaches.

They are a predatory and usurious lender, marketing to the poor, and calculating profit from the psychological stress they inflict.

Hope this little message eventually eats into your executive bonuses, O soulless creeps.

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LOL! Easier said than done in this economy.

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Pay your mortgage on time every month and you will have no problems.

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Everybody please read this. I am in foreclosureA legal process by which the lender seizes property of a homeowner, usually due to the homeowner not making timely payments on the mortgage. in a mortgage that went from ABN to Citimortgage. but check out the SEC website and you'll find that no one owns your note. Therefore, no one can foreclose on it.

former home onwer (not verified)

Citi Mortgage needs to be investigated. As many have said in previous comments, their practices should be outlawed. I owned a home through them and like many, went through the same ordeal. For the first three months I had the home, they cashed the checks, held them in their bank and then put the back in my account two weeks later(money laundering). I called, and they said it wasn't the correct amount. They had changed the original mortgage payment by miscalculating and counting the school taxes in their twice. This went on for three months and yes they charged me fees upon which I paid to bring it all current. Still they had not updated the original amount and changed it three times over the second quarter I lived there, again, charging me fees which I paid to bring it current on their mistakes. This time I had to contact my bank and have them place a special request on my account so when they cashed the checks, they couldn't put it back. It worked and payments were back on track after six months and then a couple months later I received a letter that they have my house up for auction, in less than three weeks. Basically what it boils down to. Yes, they have so much time if they auction your house after it sells you have x amount of time to vacate. Why were they doing this when everything was back on track? Billing issues and current statements. I wound up on the advice of realtors, to get out before the house goes on the auction block or I could lose everything as when it sells, that anything in the house on that day is the purchasers. What the he77 is that kind of business? Of course I left but feel I was scammed out of my home.

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Citi is the worse. Well, Bank of America is right up there with them and their crooked practices. I wonder if the Wiki Leaks guy is going to ever release the documents he has on a large bank? Everyone thinks it is the hard drive of a high ranking Bank of America exec. Somebody needs to finally expose these banks!

iagrl (not verified)

CitiMortgage told me the same thing about the coupons. I asked if I should send them in the payment they asked for and Keisha told me "no, we will only send it back to you without the coupon" I asked what I should do she said " hold on to the money until you get the coupons then mail in the arranged payment." I too, was set up with a higher repay rate than my original mortgage payment. I am on a fixed income and my mortgage is 518 a month. I get 600 a month, I have to now pay, 709 a month to catch up my mortgage. I fell behind due to the death of my mother who is also on the mortgage. I still have three days left before I get my coupons, but have been smelling something fishy going on since I have been accepted for a loan modification through CitiMortgage and still have to pay the amounts I've listed. I'm beginning to wonder if this is going to turn out to be a lost cause. Since I'm on a fixed income I worry that Citimortgage will foreclose and I will be homeless with no money until the first of the month. I am on disability and get paid on the first of each month. It's winter now and Citimortgage has proven to be cold hearted about putting people out in the snow. So, my question is, do I wait for Citimortgage or get out now while I still have money to do so? I'll give it three more days then decide.

Becky (not verified)


RE: Account #
I have for over a year now tried to get some help from CitiMortgage with this loan.
In the beginning; (due to my error in re-financing with a company) I was not told, although I’m sure it was in the fine print that my new mortgage (approx 2003) would become adjustable after a 2 year time. I was told I would be able to refinance in 6 – 8 months which didn’t happen because at the end of the 8 months they told me that property values had dropped and it would be impossible to refinance now.
In that time my mortgage was sold to CitiMortgage. EVER since that time I have had trouble with CitiMortgage.
In August 2009, I called CitiMortgage trying to get a modification on my loan. Due to divorce/legal fees, etc. I was having financial difficulties. I was told that in order to process a modification, I would have to be BEHIND on payments 2 months. I proceeded to work on this modification, all to no avail. CitiMortgage claimed not to have received my faxes (even though I had proof) and had to re-send them. Then was told it might take 6 – 8 weeks before any answer could be solidified. In the meantime, this is being reported to creditMoney loaned or the ability of an individual or company to borrow money. reporting agencies as a delinquent account, thus hindering my credit score in the meantime. By March 2009, there was still no help from CitiMortgage and with the lack of help from CitiMortgage and the other financial difficulties, I had to file bankruptcy. I kept the house out of the bankruptcy however, and in order to file was told by my attorney that the 2 payments I was behind with CitiMortgage would have to be paid before the bankruptcy could be filed. So at that time through borrowing money I was able to get those 2 payments paid. A few weeks after the bankruptcy filing however, I received paperwork from CitiMortgage showing the $1900 (+) that I had paid in March was not accounted for by CitiMortgage, thus CitiMortgage sent a modification to sign.
As of this date, I’m not sure whether that money was ever accounted for.
Beginning in April, I called in my mortgage payments, because I was blocked from paying online. EACH and EVERY month I called to pay, I was directed to the bankruptcy department even though the house was NEVER in the bankruptcy. Each time I called to make these payments, I was sent to this department to make my payments, and each time was told to pay $809.68 – which I did. All this time I’m receiving a statement each month also, BUT NEVER does it reflect that I have a late charge, that I am a payment behind or no such info except the monthly payment. At the beginning of October 2010 I called to make the September payment AND the October payment and was told that I was almost $3000 in arrears! In talking to someone at CitiMortgage, I am told that SINCE April, only partial payments have been being applied – thus my account is showing VERY delinquent and multiple reports have gone out to the credit reporting agencies (like I need ANY more bad reports at this time). This was due ENTIRELY to CitiMortgage giving me INCORRECT information. Included in the payment in October (according to the person taking the payment) was the late charge fees.
In October, I paid $1502 and change, in order to try and begin to correct some of this. Then in November I phoned in another payment for $878 and change (+ any charges that were additional JUST to pay). Then in December, I called to make a payment and was again told I was 3 months behind! Upon checking, CitiMortgage discerned that they did indeed have the confirmation # of the payment, but it had not been applied. They would send it to the correct department and try to get this taken care of but it might take 2 weeks. In the interim, I receive a letter requesting my checking account information showing these payments. So, I got these to CitiMortgage, and in 2-3 weeks had received a letter stating that the $1700 (+) would be reapplied to my account – and they would send a notification to the credit reporting agency in reference to NOVEMBER. To begin with there were MANY months that there was negative info reported to these agencies (again, due to mis-information from CitiMortgage) that have NOT been corrected.
In addition, this as to my understanding is and Adjustable Rate Mortgage (again unbeknown to me), and in light of mortgages rates today and in the last year – SOMEHOW my interest rate is still almost 10%!!! Is there an explanation for this that I’m not aware of?
IN ADDITION to that – today 1/20/2011, I get a letter saying that because of the delinquency on my account, there will now be an exterior inspection of my home, with the charges being applied to my account, AND these MAY continue monthly!
What are you people trying to do? Make me lose my house? I have tried for a year and a half to get some resolution, help, satisfactory answers, some kind of helpful information from CitiMortgage – ALL to no avail. Instead I’m getting charged for anything that can be dreamt of, with the potential for additional charges.
And now, yesterday 1/18/2011, get yet another letter pertaining to my DELINQUENT account!!
And now an update from my credit report showing something else from CitiMortgage! I am NOT delinquent on this account! I have made payments that were supposed to cover and erroneous late charges and now ONLY have the January payment that is due!!! What else can I do to get this straightened OUT????????? Anything reported from CitiMortgage to the credit reporting agencies should have been to correct the last entry which showed delinquent.
I am at the end of a very long divorce dispute, just finally closed on my bankruptcy and am trying THE BEST I KNOW HOW to begin building my credit score again.
Any response that I do get is slow to get here, and apparently crossing over from another department within CitiMortgage and your right hand doesn’t appear to know what your left hand is doing!

Face blurred to protect identity (not verified)

I think a bunch of the big boys are getting in trouble on these rapid foreclosures! Bank of America has admitted to foreclosing on homes without even reading the paperwork!

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