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Best Buy Cell Phone Warranty

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I purchased a cell phone from Best Buy and the battery would not charge after about a month of use. I took the phone and battery back to Best Buy for warranty service thinking they would replace the phone or at worse, send it off to be repaired. Nope!!!!!

The Best Buy employee, some high school chic, looked the phone over and said it showed signs of use so the warranty could not be honored. WTF? Of course it has been used because I used it and after a month, the crappy phone won't charge the battery! Well, I asked for the manager and she looked like she had just graduated from high school. She went along with the first girl's story and said my phone showed signs of excessive use and no warranty coverage could be provided!

Well, I put the piece of crap phone on eBay with a truthful explanation of the problem and it sold for $175! The guy who bought it said he does warranty repairs for cell phones and he could easily fix the non-charging battery problem.

Best Buy sucks ass!

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I am disappointed in the consumer electronics shops, especially the large ones. I usually shop online to avoid dealing with the people in the stores. Online has the same products without the incompetent and rude sales people. Best Buy is the worse. No one offers to help you, and when you do finally get someone's attention, they don't know what the hell they are talking about. HHGregg has friendly sales people, but they don't know anything about the products they are selling! One guy even read the little tag to me that was under the printer. Seriously! Wal-Mart ... well, it's Wal-Mart. People are friendly in the rural areas and they offer to help. Unfortunately, they don't know a whole lot about the electronics Wal-Mart sells. Damned if you do, Damned if you don't!

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hh gregg has been a lot better to me lately than best buy ever was. Best Buy is NOT the best buy and their customer service is slightly short of a 0 on my scale.

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This is why i shop at abc warehouse in traverse city, MI they have taken care of me time and time again i always go in and ask for a guy named chris and he hooks me up because unlike best buy they can get you great deals you dont like the price they will try there hardest to get you a better deal not a different product but a better deal on the product you want

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I have heard too many horror stories about Best Buy and their warranty service for cell phones. I have only had a problem with horrible customer service and kids working there who know absolutely nothing about selling electronics. Sure they have memorized all the features, but can't go into any detail about what the features mean nor why I would even need the features.


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That's terrible but a lot of times the manufacturer of the phone/battery should replace it at no cost. Most cell phone batteries have a 90 day warranty and the handset itself has a 1 year warranty? What cell phone company was it with?

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I tried buying a cell phone Best Buy had listed in one of their circulars listed at $200 off the regular price. I had just visited the Sprint store and the phone only had $100 off the regular price. I was surprised that Best Buy was running such a great deal in their circular!

Well, the salesman, a Sprint representative must have known the phone was only $100 off but refused to sell me the phone at the Best Buy circular price. So I wrote Best Buy a letter and they denied my claim to purchase the phone at the $200 off price listed plain as day in their circular. They said the circular should not have printed $200 off and the phone was only $100 off.

Hmmm, isn't that just supposed to be a costly mistake for them? If you print it, don't you have to honor the mistake?

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