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Armando Montelongo's program

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I bought this program and it does not work how he said it would work, I have not been able to get the financing that he said you can get for flipping properties and have followed the instructions very well to the tee. I would not spend you money on this, I do not understand if he is making all the money he claims to be making why he would resort to selling these crappy programs.

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I also got completely scammed by Armando. Even playing gambling there, for example australian online casino there is a bigger chance to withdraw in time

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Real estate investing is on the rise again, but in a slightly different market than the previous rise. I see a lot of people buying foreclosed properties and either trying flip them, or turning them into rental property. I would probably do rental property if I purchased a home in foreclosureA legal process by which the lender seizes property of a homeowner, usually due to the homeowner not making timely payments on the mortgage. right now.


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Great addition!

edsterman63 (not verified)

The only thing I have to add to this, is that real estate investing is not for the week hearted. Its a very tough business that you have to create your own profit in. It doesnt just land in your lap just because you watch some videos and read some books. That being said, it is doable, very doable. I am a high school dropout, that has made alot of money in real estate investing. I will say, each transaction is unique and this is not a cookie cutter business. So, back to Armando and all those real estate gurus out there. The reason they go into business is not to help you, its to help and supplement their incomes of course. If you think they are doing it because they are gratefull, want to help and have suddenly become angels, I have an island I would like to sell you. Thats the whole thing in a nuthshell. Sure, they will teach you their techniques but, they are doing it because the real estate business is a tough, very, very stressfull way to earn a living and they figure with the money they have now, writing books, pamphets, purchasing 100 dvds for 20.00 and selling them for 200.00 or 900.00, paying for an infomercial, then having conferences and pushing their stuff is acutally easier than doing the real estate. Thats how tough and stressfull the investing business is, its a calculated gamble. I am currently looking to do more deals, I am willing to go over any deal you may have, do the math for you, even run any type of remodeling for you. I can tell you, every deal I put together was profitable. Its all about the numbers, the math is the bottom line, profit. If you cant figure it out back and forth, upside down and around, dont even try to touch it. Just email me if youre interested in speaking with me. I dont charge for consulting, I will charge a small percentage at the end of the deal once you receive you profit. Im in California, willing to work with anyone in any other state. Go ahead and email me, or take a look at my website and contact me through there....

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Sounds intriguing. If it's for sale, I will give $20!

Lynda (not verified)

Is this the whole progam set-What edition? four or five books and about 8 cd's.
I would take it off your hands for a reasonable amount. $10-15 ???

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Yeah, I am wondering how he is on TV so much! I thought there was some lawsuit against him for deceiving people?

I am seeing this man on TV every 2 hours! If he is cheating so many people, how and why is he still on TV doing his infomercials? He is starting to annoy me as much as he is on TV!

Face blurred to protect identity (not verified)

I thought armando got famous for flipping houses! Seems as if he is flipping over creditMoney loaned or the ability of an individual or company to borrow money. cards to get the security code off the back, and then flipping the finger to customers once they realize he is a cheater!

Alex (not verified)

I got completely scammed by Armando. He is an out an out thief and there is no denying it. I heard him on the radio and ordered his book. Within a couple of weeks I got lots of phones from his people saying that I had been "specially selected" to have one on one training. That will be $9000 please! I said no thank you. They offered to do it for $5000 and I said no again. Then two weeks later I got charged $73. I called Armando's company to find out why I had been charged. They told me that it was for using his website. I had not even looked at the website and told them so and they said that they had sent me an email telling me that if I didn't cancel I would be charged. I asked them where they had sent this email and they read me my email address spelled incorrectly. When I told them that it wasn't the correct email and I hadn't received it they informed me that that was my fault and not their problem and they wouldn't give me my money bank! Apparently I don't know how to spell my own name! Anyway Chase bank have now told me that giving them my card information constitutes authorization for future charges and they won't help!! I can't believe it. I am fuming. Armando, what a thief, if he was as successful as he says he is, he wouldn't need to be stealing all this money from other people.

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