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work at home - How Does It Work - Any Complaints?

I heard about the web site this morning on the radio. The commercial sounded great for making money at home. Has anyone tried them out? How does the program work? There were not many details given in the commercial. Any praises or any complaints would be a welcomed post before I try them out.

Thanks in advance.

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Top 10 Scams for 2010

Scammer ingenuity knows no bounds. In 2010, as in years past, more criminals are taking the trouble to craft schemes, fudge websites, and get rich off the tight economy and the consumer desperation that goes along with it.

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No Computer Experience Required Work At Home

I couldn't believe it when I saw my girlfriend replying to a job that had “no computer experience required” in the job description. I was embarassed, mad, and felt sorry for her and others all at the same time. Phrases like "no computer experience required" should be instant turn offs and red flags when dealing with work from home jobs.

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Popular Work At Home Scams

Beware any ads you see in the newspaper advertising these jobs. Also, you will see them posted on a lot of utility poles. Check them out thoroughly before sending any money upfront. Almost no legitimate jobs will ask for money upfront.

* Refund Processing
* Home Mailing
* Envelope Stuffing
* Postal or Government jobs for an upfront fee

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New Nigerian Work at Home Scam

The latest scamA confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; to hit the Internet has just arrived from Nigeria: Jobs for people seeking part-time positions called “mail assistants” for work done at home. Vacancies are posted on under the name of ABS Consulting. ABS purports to have facilities throughout Europe, referred to as “Forward Luxembourg.” It claims to be a leading global provider of risk-management services.

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Gone Fish'n Tackle Co.

Gone Fish'n Tackle Co. offers to pay 50 cents per fly made for fly fishing. But wait, Consumer Reports says there's a catch: After you pay for the materials from Gone Fish'n, you'd have to tie more than 30 flies an hour just to make minimum wage.

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