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AlertPay vs Google Checkout vs PayPal

Does anyone have a comparison of Alertpay, Google Checkout and PayPal for chargebacks, customer verification process, and speed of processing payments? I currently use PayPal but I need something different. They like to put holds on my payments when I really need the money to be available immediately or within a couple of days at the most.

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eBay Auction Entry Specialists Jobs

Well, folks have found yet another way to use eBay and PayPal as the basis of their scams. The Auction Listings or Auction Entry Specialists positions promising big bucks for working from home are popping up everywhere.

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Scammed Online by Justin Field

Be aware of Justin Field from Nevada. He placed an order at our shop and filed a chargeback! Field is a hothead who will file a chargeback with his creditMoney loaned or the ability of an individual or company to borrow money. card company very quickly! He buys games on the internet and files chargebacks so he can keep them AND get his money back! I have more information for this guy so contact me if you need the info to ensure you have the proper buyer tagged.

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Why I Stopped Selling on Bay

I had to stop selling on eBay because of the crazy change they made to their feedback system. Now, you can only leave positive or neutral feedback for a buyer. You can't leave negative feedback, but the customers can leave anything they choose for your profile.

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Paypal account was hacked!

Two weeks ago, my Paypal account was hacked as well as the gmail account associated with it. We still don't know if they hacked the email first and then the Paypal or the other way around.

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