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I heard about on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show this morning. It sounded like a payday loan, but wanted to be sure. What have you guys found out about Is the site and company legit. Any complaints and/or reviews for the company yet?

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Does Michael Jackson Memorabilia Appreciate in Value

Be careful when purchasing items people claim to be memorabilia from the King of Pop. eBay has been flooded with Michael Jackson memorabilia, from autographs, clothing, albums and more. Some albums have sold for as much as $600! I am sure the complaints will begin to roll in with people claiming to have purchased what they thought was authentic Michael Jackson materials.

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Has anyone tried yet? Do they actually pay as much as their site promises?

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I saw on a TV commercial and began to wonder if it was for real. Why in the hell is that 20 in the URL? Just for kicks, I went to and ... all of them will immediately forward you to I just don't trust web sites that immediately forward you to another domain. This one looks suspect, what do you guys think?

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