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AlertPay vs Google Checkout vs PayPal

Does anyone have a comparison of Alertpay, Google Checkout and PayPal for chargebacks, customer verification process, and speed of processing payments? I currently use PayPal but I need something different. They like to put holds on my payments when I really need the money to be available immediately or within a couple of days at the most.

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Finally, a Big Company Takes Action Against Click Fraud

Don't you hate pouring a few hundred into your advertising budget for PPC only to see all of the money used up within the hour and not one sale of your products!

Well, finally Microsoft sued somebody for this type of click fraud:

Microsoft Files Suit Against Three In Click Fraud ScamA confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; <

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CLRB Hanson LLC et al. v. Google Class Action Settlement

Is this legit? I got an email saying Google had settled a class action lawsuit for Adwords. Just today, our AdWords account did exactly what was mentioned in the email regarding the class action lawsuit. Our budget is set at a certain dollar amount per day, however the budget was overrun by about 20 percent. The lawsuit description in the email describes this exact phenomenon!

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Google Treasure Chest (read the fine print)

Somehow or another, I was directed to this website the other day about making money with Google. It was called "Google Treasure Chest." According to how I read it, you were going to make money by filling out forms for Google, and Google would pay you for each correctly filled-out form.

So I took the bait. Besides, it was only $0.99 shipping. So I order my "Treasure Chest" cd.

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