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Infinity Partners Run by Brian William Hilbrant Fails to Pay

My company performed work with Infinity Partners in Charlotte, NC in 2008 and they failed to pay us for the work we completed. We tried contacting the company numerous times only to be ignored repeatedly. Then the company moved from their upscale Ballantyne office to more down to earth location without telling anyone where they were going.

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I put in my browser and it immediately jumps to another domain. Why do these companies waste the time and money buying domains only to have them jump to other domains?

The radio ad promises to help repair your credit. Well, we all know there is no such thing as a company that can repair your credit. You and only you are capable of doing so.

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CitiMortgage and Weird Practice

I had a mortgage with CitiMortage and sadly I fell behind on the monthly payments. Citi calls over and over and over and over to demand payment and I admit I can not pay the full amount to bring the mortgage current.

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